Drive By Shooting Prank Almost Gets Pranksters Killed When Victim Returns REAL Gunfire

What’s the saying I’m looking for here? What was it? Oh yeah, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

The guys responsible for the above video almost won the stupidest prize of all, a Darwin Award.

The guys from the Youtube Channel RomanAtwood, a popular prank channel on Youtube in which the producers film various pranks performed on unsuspected victims. Most are harmless enough, however I have to question the intelligence of their latest prank.

In the video, an SUV with a very loud sound system and a soundtrack of real gun shots rolls up on unsuspecting people walking through a city at night.

As expected most of the prank victims flee when they think they are being shot at.

However, one of the would be prank victims takes cover behind a light post, draws a gun, and returns fire.

This happens around the 1:03 mark in the “Drive By Shooting Prank”. Thankfully for the pranksters in the vehicle, this guy is a terrible shot and you can see the muzzle flash followed by several rounds hitting the road behind the vehicle.

There is also another car in the road as they speed away. Hopefully no one in that vehicle was caught in the line of fire.

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